Google Classroom

The gradebook for Google Classroom

The perfect app for teachers that manage their students groups in Google Classroom.

Additio is fully integrated with Google Classroom and GSuite

Already using Google Classroom? Keep all your existing information and start using your digital gradebook and class planner on Additio by synchronizing your Google Classroom groups in a couple of clicks.

With the Google Classroom integration, teachers can:

  • Import students and their data
  • Manage their Google Drive documents
  • Import Google Classroom grades
  • Teachers can easily search and upload Google Drive resources

Use Additio and Google Classroom together seamlessly

Spend more time in the classroom with your students and less time fussing with technology. Additio’s integration with Google Classroom helps streamline the entire learning process.

Start integrating Additio with Google Classroom this coming school year. It’s a whole new way to assess and manage your classroom and students.

Student's import from Google Classroom

Google for Education recommends Additio

Additio has been selected between 10 school management systems around the world to work with Google Classroom and GSuite. If your school center is betting on Google, you should also be betting on Additio!

Super easy to use

Additio is simple and intuitive, so you save time with a great user experience.

Powerful features

Enjoy more than 150 functionalities conceived and designed to make life easier for teachers, families and students.

Access from anywhere

Available on tablets, smartphones and computers. Work without an Internet connection from mobile devices.

500 million grades created

3 million of students managed

+ 150 features

+ 30 years in the education sector

Additio follows secure coding practices for applications and performs regular code check-ups.


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Our support team comprised of different professionals who work closely with the departments of product design and engineering know our tools well and are willing to help you by phone, email and social networks.

Additio team has responded more than 150,000 users questions.

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