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Features that will make your classroom management easier so that you have more time to focus on what you love

Digital gradebook

Additio digital gradebook

Assess with calculated formulas

Take control of your assessments, create group structures that adapt to your assessments with the calculated formulas.

Easily add your students

Adding student data and photos has never been so fast and simple. You can do it following a few simple steps importing them from Excel or other platforms.

Write everything down

Register and manage your meetings and tutorials by creating annotations directly to students, groups or sessions, labeling for easy use.

Use resources in class

Link images, videos, files... to the assessments, the students' files or your annotations so that you have all the resources at hand in your classes.

Choose random students

Select a student randomly to answer a question and activate the full cycle option so that the same student is not picked again.

Organize your students

Put your students in class with the class plan. It will allow you to have another point of view of the class and also choose a student at random.

Save and share your information

You can export the data you have in Additio to an Excel file at any time, so you can share the information with your colleagues.

Record of attendance

The attendance recording functionality of Additio

Record attendance with a single click

Record and assess the daily attendance of your students quickly. You will have the attendance record of each class in a single click.

Summary of attendance

By simply tapping a student's attendance summary cell, you can find out how many times students have attended, missed, or been expelled from class.

Make attendance count

The Attendance count allows you to find out, for instance, how many times a student has been absent, has arrived late or has a justified absence.

Do the calculation of the attendance grade

The Calculation of attendance grade allows you to obtain the calculation of the attendance record and makes the result have an impact on the final grade of the course.

Filter by dates

Select the range of attendance dates to know the absences or the times that a student has attended a class in a defined period of time.

Do the calculation of the attendance percentage

The calculation of the attendance percentage allows you to obtain the percentage of the attendance record, absence or delay of the period of time that you want.

Lesson planner

Additio lesson planner

Create your templates

Customize the planning sections by editing the template. You can organize the planning of your sessions in a simple way, adding those sections that are most important to you.

Set up your planning easily

In Additio we make it easy for you to do your course planning. Using the tools offered by the app to program the course in a simple way, you can copy, paste and move sessions in a single click.

Plan per weeks or per units

You can plan your sessions per weeks or per units. Additio allows you to select the way to plan in order to meet your goals and make your classroom purposes a reality.

Add educational content

Link all kinds of documents, videos, images and links to the planning of the class sessions, so that you have all the resources at hand and it is easier for you to use them.

Share your planning

You can share the planning of the classes among all the teachers, in order to achieve a better use of knowledge and time.


The functionality of Additio rubrics

Easy configuration

By means of a simple configurator you can add all your rubrics, and thus be able to assess the degree of learning a student has achieved in terms of knowledge and skills, their level of achievement and/or quality of work.

They self-assess

Email the rubrics to the students for them to self-assess and find out how they believe they have carried out a project.

They assess their peers

Let it be their peers, parents or guardians that assess the student in some aspect by sending them an email with access to the rubric to assess.

Save and print your rubrics

Show your colleagues and students the rubrics you use to assess. You can export both the original rubric and the assessed rubrics.

Share with your colleagues

Share the rubrics created from the app with your colleagues so that they can also use them to assess their students.

Standards and skills

Standards and skills

Easy configuration

Through a simple configurator you can add all the standards and skills to link them in all the activities that the students do.

Link skills and standards

Link skills with standards and simplify your work. You can also assign weights to the skills and standards to obtain the desired average.

Configure the calculations

Customize your evaluation. You can configure the calculations to make weighted averages and separate the grades of the standards and skills by periods.

Include them in the reports and final averages

Copy and paste the results of the standards and skills in the quarter tabs in order to generate reports and final averages.

Share with your colleagues

Share the standards and skills created from the app with your colleagues so that they can also use them to assess their students..

Timetable and calendar

Additio timetable and calendar functionality

Create your timetable

Create the basic timetable of your classes, set the time and days of class from the groups to have a weekly view of your timetable.


Set up the school and public holidays throughout your course to keep track of the class sessions and make your calendar much more visual.


Access the weekly and monthly calendar to have control of the events of your teaching agenda. From the calendar you can access the group, see the day's planning, make annotations, add resources, etc.

Irregular sessions

Is your timetable not always the same? Adapt your schedule to get the most out of it by setting the timetable according to the week or month through the Weeks A-B options.

Share holidays

In a simple way all teachers can share the same school holidays schedule.

Google Classroom

Additio integration functionality with Google Classroom

Link your groups and students

Link in just a few steps all your Google Classroom groups and students from Additio. This will allow you to manage your students' grades quickly and easily from a more powerful digital gradebook.

Import student lists

With just one step you can import all the lists and the information of your students from Google Classroom to Additio.

Import the tasks of your students

With a few clicks you can import all the tasks and asessments made by your students from Google Classroom into Additio and keep them updated.


You can view and open all the documents that your students have submitted in Google Classroom directly from Additio, which allows you to have greater control of the assessments.

Reports and statistics

Additio reporting and statistics functionality

Dynamic reports

Generate all kinds of reports using Widgets, making them more visual and customizable and adapting the information to any receiver.

Easy to set up

Set up all kinds of reports: students data, attendance summary and grades table. Once configured, the information will be kept updated automatically.

Print or export to PDF

You can print and export your reports to PDF at any time to share them with your colleagues, as well as with the students, their parents or guardians.

School center panel Only available with Additio for Schools plan

A view of the Additio Center dashboard functionality

User control

With a few simple steps you can create all the accounts of the teachers that use the app. You will be able to consult each teacher's groups, their number of students, check if they have it shared with other teachers, etc.

Create base groups

You can create groups of students for each course, level or year, to have a centralized listing and make the teachers' work easier. You will have many import tools from the students and their photos, which will facilitate this work.

Assign groups and timetables

From the base groups of students, groups can be assigned to each teacher according to the subject they teach. You can also directly create the timetable of this group according to the days and frequency of classes.

Shared data

From the shared data panel you can control and manage all the data shared by teachers: group structures, rubrics, timetables and holidays. You can also manage and make changes to shared groups to have a greater control.

Report card

Create and print your students' report cards directly from the school center panel. Teachers can add the results of the students in a unified report.

Plans and invoices

Easily and dynamically create the different user license plans needed to use the app. You can assign new teachers at any time, as well as check and print the bills of each plan.

School center panel - Multiple school reports  Only available with Additio for Schools plan

A view of the Additio Center dashboard functionality

Report card

Create personalized report cards with the learning center's logo and personalized comments.

Global Attendance Report

Administrators can manage the attendance of the entire school and the different classes, being able to observe each student and justify the lack of attendance at a global level.

Behaviour and incidents report

Record student incidents defining categories, titles and descriptions. Visualize at the student level and at the general level..

Shared data

From the shared data panel you can control and manage all the data shared by teachers: group structures, rubrics, timetables and holidays. You can also manage and make changes to shared groups to have a greater control.

Competency Report

From the data panel, the administrator can generate the entire report of competencies (skills) or learning standards of the different teachers of different subjects / classes, being able to define the specific weighting for each competences and the assigned group-class..

Grades report

Teachers can give visibility to the columns they want from their gradebook so that the headteachers, guardians or principals can visualize all the follow-up of the students' grades from the school center panel.

School Accounts for students and families - Communication of the learning process Only available with Additio for Schools plan

A view of the Additio Center dashboard functionality

Student's gradebook

Families and students from their accounts can access to visualize those columns of their standards-based or traditional gradebook that teachers have made visible so that they can follow the progress of their learning process and their grades.

Follow-up of grades and competences

From numerical grades, to icons, comments, observations, rubrics and all kinds of evaluation items, families and students can visualize their status and progress in real time. They will also be able to follow the evolution of the competences and visualize their status graphically and visually in a competence assessment target..

Attendance tracking

Families and students can follow from their accounts the table with the attendance history and their faults / expulsions or the like in the attendance section of the Edvoice mobile application.

Shared data

From the shared data panel you can control and manage all the data shared by teachers: group structures, rubrics, timetables and holidays. You can also manage and make changes to shared groups to have a greater control.

Send resources and rubrics

Teachers can send from their section resources to families and students, so that they can carry out activities or support their learning process. At the same time, they can send rubrics to the Edvoice application to do self or peer assessment and enhance the formative assessment.

Voice messages

To support students or improve communication with families, the system allows you to send short voice messages to improve directions.

Institutional Communications Only available with Additio for Schools plan

A view of the Communication features of Additio


Thanks to the Edvoice app you will always have all the communications you have made throughout the school year to your students and their parents in the palm of your hand. Each group will have its own "story" that you can check at any time from your phone.

Instant messaging

You can send messages directly to all the students and their parents so that they can receive them immediately on their mobile phones. You will also have the option, if you wish, to allow conversations with the members of the group in a controlled manner. Students and parents will only need to have our Edvoice app installed in order to be in direct contact with the teachers.

Send grades

Just as with messaging, you can inform of your students' assessment grades immediately, and you can also choose whether you want their parents to receive them.

Notifications of attendance

You can set up in advance what type of notifications you want to be sent automatically. This way, parents will, for instance, receive a message in the Edvoice app every time their child skips school or is late.

Invite to meetings

Convene easily and effectively the meetings you want the students and/or their parents to attend. You can send those events of your agenda that are most important as notifications for students and parents to receive directly on their phones.

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