Finance and accounting software for schools

Finance and accounting software for schools and districts

From billing and accounting to inventory management and human resources

Cloud billing program

Automate all billing for your school. Prepare invoices, budgets and proforma invoices in seconds, maximize your time thanks to the autocompletion of fields.Tax calculation for non-accountants. Dozens of editable templates to personalize the documents, your school is unique.

Import all your invoices using Excel templates. Create and collect remittances comfortably. Make budgets, powerful reports, currency exchange and many more features that will take the management of your educational institution to another level.

Finance and accounting software for schools
Accounting software for schools

Simplify your school accounting

The financial statements of your school or congregation in real time. Find the documents and data you are looking for straightforwardly right in the journal.Connect with hundreds of national or intenational banks and savings banks and synchronize all your movements. Perform bulk reconciliations.

Check your updated profit and loss. Consult the general ledger and access all the details of your school's entries.Automatic and customizable accounting entries. Fully integrated with Paypal and Stripe.

In the cloud with secure servers

It does not require downloads or installations. You just have to connect.

Agility and automation

Save time and costs.Generate robust reports and view global status by automating routine tasks.

Integrated with all academic platform and communication

A specific integration has been developed that allows absolute control of the school center with the most modern and safe technology.

Inventory management for schools

Check your inventory in real time. Create and manage different types of products such as uniforms, school supplies or library books to classify them however you want.Control the status of your stocks and their valuation. Create an online catalog for the center's products.

School inventory management
Human resources software for schools

Human Resources

Don't suffer anymore with payroll management. Manage your teaching team and staff.Manage payroll with all the information you need, from base salary, supplements, flexible compensation, gross salary, personal income tax.

Manage vacations and absences, no more disorganized excels. Order your education center contracts in the cloud.