Online quiz maker and activity builder tool

Gamify your classroom by creating beautiful quizzes

Easily boost distance learning and apply the hybrid model.

Disponible para smartphone, tablets y dispositivos de sobremesa

Fully integrated with Additio's academic management and communication platform

Your standards-based gradebook integrated with Google Classroom, Moodle and Microsoft Teams.
Aprendizaje a distancia y en remoto

Create activities, exams and quizzes easily

Through multiple types of responses, keep in touch with your students, being able to complete their activities from the computer or their mobile.

Turn your classes into experiences.

Gamify and enhance remote learning

Build original quizzes to gamify your classes and go beyond the walls of your classroom.

Introduce new content, review topics and reach all those students who are not in class.

Questionnaires and activities tool
App quizzes and exams

Corrects and formatively evaluates with rubrics

The different activities that make up the quiz can be evaluated through rubrics. Edquizz are not only questionnaires but also a tool to launch formative assessment with meaning.

Add comments, observations and directions to your students to indicate where they can improve and develop their potential.

Learning analytics

Find out how your students are learning from an automated analysis panel.

Understand those questions and activities that are most difficult and based on the data make decisions to improve their learning

Tool de create quizzes and surveys
Online exams and activities

Assessment gradebook by competences, questionnaires and communication with families and students all in one

It simplifies all the processes, once the questionnaire is created and evaluated, the grade automatically appears in your Additio notebook, families and students receive the correction and can see all their grades in real time in their notebook and the school reports.
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