Fabriciano is a person who devoted himself to teaching for nearly 40 years and today has 67 springs, but it continues still trying to learn something new every day and teach it to others. As he says in the pages of Batiburrillo.net: “Lover of computer and Internet among many other passions. I read, decipher, interpret, combine and write. I do it to keep living and enjoying. I try to control the time for not enslave me.”

What challenges do you think the teacher faces in 2017?

Education is increasingly difficult for teachers. The current educational system in Spain has notable flaws. The Lomce is not adapted to the reality of the classroom. Therefore teachers have to put everything in their power to bring to fruition the goals set in the planification.

“As always, the primary purpose is getting the involvement of students in the learning process to reach the goal.”

Is there anything in your personal or professional experience that is meaningful to your experience as a teacher?

I have always tried to pique the interest of students. For this I sought tools that involve definite challenge for children. Not only I tried to memorizasen content but also that they lived that content. New technologies serve to learners surf the Internet in search of answers to the problems. Not only I used WebQuests as elements that help learning, also ask questions that should bring resolved the next day, as reinforcement system.

Would you advise teachers whose are not using new technologies to update their methodology and incorporate new channels of communication with their students?

“I would not advise them to make use of those new technologies but I will force it, but providing the necessary assistance to all who need it, as some do not have the necessary knowledge to become involved in the learning process.”

Do you think that social networks are a tool for sharing resources among teachers?
I totally agree. It is one of the best tools (platforms) to make education (teaching) something alive.

In Batiburrillo’s forums, almost 8,900 subjects have been commented with more than 32,000 messages, how all of these opinions are moderated?

For some time the Forums are in the doldrums. Ascribe the blame to social networks, which have stolen prominence to these spaces. However, the Batiburrillo’s Forum is still active. Although I had assistants, right now the only moderator there is myself. As I do? I try to review all new items every day and in many cases, to answer the questions raised.

In the blog many content is diverse, what is the content most requested by your followers?

Within Batiburrillo.net the is another blog, Lecciones (“lessons in Spanish), where I pick up tricks and other explanations on issues related to technology. In this niche area it is where most visits occur. Overall, the most requested on my website is what is related to the software, education and current issues in the field of technology.

Batiburrillo.net was born in 1996, what is the secret to staying active after 20 years?

“The key is perseverance. I have tried to create content daily, from research, especially on the Web, and try to do it until the body waver.”


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