Communication with families


Communication between parents, students and teachers made easy

Communicate effectively with parents and students instantly and in real time

Real-time messaging for your school, district, or just as an individual teacher

Características destacadas de la App Edvoice

Your communication and learning platform to enhance classroom and distance learning

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Basic and advanced communication for all types of schools

Powerful and intuitive learning platform

Send documents and resources and track assignments due date.

Students can create their portfolio and teachers collect evidence of learning such as rubrics and documents.
Learning Environment
Portfolio and learning artifacts

Manage your classes remotely and complement the face-to-face classes

Access Edvoice via the web and mobile apps, making learning easier inside and outside the classroom.

Students and families can visualize the progress and evolution of their grades, as well as competences and attendance in real time.

Built and designed for education

More than 30 years designing products for the educational sector.

Basic or advanced communication

For all kinds of school and families, we advise you on putting them into operation.

GDPR and FERPA compliance

We have legal advice and we have international certificates on data protection.

Your mark of the last geography exam is 7,5.  
Next Tuesday we will be celebrating carnival with the children dressing up as turtles.  
We have already arrived at the Montserrat sanctuary, your son is delighted!  
I would like to meet with you to explain the performance of your son.  

Edvoice helps teachers like you to support your students to generate impact

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The parent app which ensures that everything you teach during the day is reinforced at night by engaging families in learning.
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Edvoice does not send emails, but "push notifications". In this way the center has total control in the security to the sensitive information of its students and parents of family.
School leaders
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Check your children's day-to-day information whenever and wherever you are. Receive notifications and messages in real time on your smartphone.
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Stay informed on what is going on in your school and your classes with messages that go directly to your phone.