Terms and conditions

Ownership and product and service description

The Additio App application (hereinafter referred to as the Application and/or Additio App) is owned and operated by Didactic Labs, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as the Company), with the Taxpayer Identification Number B55240162; with its registered office at 10 Bescanó Street, 17007 Girona; telephone number +34 972 39 32 40; email info@additioapp.com; registered in the Company Registry of Girona in Volume 3035, Book 0, Page 164, Leaf Gi-58420, and Entry 1.

The Company has developed the application with the aim of streamlining and optimizing the teaching staff’s daily tasks, making their job easier. It is available for iPad and Android smartphones and tablets, and it allows working without an Internet connection. It can be purchased in Google Play and App Store. At the same time, a web version for PC, Mac, Windows, etc. requiring an Internet connection that allows synchronizing data between the different aforementioned devices is also available.

Intellectual and industrial property

The contents of this website, including the texts, images and graphic design, are the property of Didactic Labs, S.L., or the third parties who have authorized their use. The Company presents these contents for informative and promotional purposes. Didactics Labs, S.L. authorizes their use exclusively for these purposes. Any use of these designs, images or texts must specifically mention that they belong to Didactics Labs, S.L., who reserves the right to take appropriate legal action in order to repair the damages caused by any act that violates their intellectual or industrial property rights.

Users’ obligations and responsibilities

Any person that accesses, uses or downloads the application through the website www.additioapp.com and/or the platforms authorized by the Company will be considered a User. Accessing the application implies the acceptance of the present General Conditions. Please, read these terms carefully and use the application only if you agree with their contents. In the event of any disagreement with this application’s General Conditions, please refrain from using it.

Users declare to be of legal age and to have sufficient legal capacity to be subject to the present Terms and Conditions. Likewise, they explicitly and without exceptions acknowledge that the access and the use of the present site, its services and its contents take place only under their sole and exclusive responsibility.

At all times, Users must make lawful use of the services offered in the present website in accordance with the legislation in force, respecting the intellectual property rights of Didactic Labs, S.L.

In this sense, Users undertake to guarantee that the activities developed through the current website will be in accordance with the law, morality, public order and good practices, and by no means will be offensive for the reputation and commercial image of Didactic Labs, S.L. or for other Users of the website or third parties.

Users shall not, through the services made available by the Company, engage in any action that causes damage or modifications in the contents. They shall not obstruct the proper functioning of the website and shall not cause technical problems of any kind, nor transfer elements likely to carry IT viruses or to damage, interfere or intercept totally or partially this website. Furthermore, Users shall not intervene or alter other Users’ emails or use any scripting or scraping system without the written consent of the Company.

In the event that Users enter data in the application, it will be their sole responsibility that the data provided are truthful. Therefore, in case of having provided false or inaccurate data, Didactic Labs, S.L. reserves the right to deny them the access to this website.

Users will be responsible to use the application diligently and keep secret the password they use to access our services. Therefore, Users are responsible for the appropriate custody and confidentiality of any identification codes and/or passwords they use to access Additio App, and agree not to hand them over to third parties, be it temporarily or permanently, nor allow access to others. Users shall be held responsible for any unlawful use of the services undertaken by any unlawful third party using a password obtained by a non-diligent use or by its loss by the Users. Users are fully responsible for adopting all the necessary security measures in order to protect their files, data, systems, mobile or electronic devices and electronic files.

Didactic Labs, S.L’s obligations and responsibilities

Didactic Labs, S.L is not liable for any possible information losses due to the theft, loss or deterioration of the device or the access data. It is very important to export data regularly to avoid data loss, in order to be prepared for any kind of unforeseen situation.

Didactic Labs, S.L. will be able to modify unilaterally, whenever deemed necessary, the configuration of the present website, the service conditions and its contents, as well as to delete, limit or suspend them temporarily or permanently. The Company will also be able to deny access to them, informing dutifully the users about this change, circumstances permitting, through publication in the website.

In the event of performing maintenance, repair, update or improvement of the services, the Company has the right to suspend, temporarily and without prior notice, the accessibility to the present website. However, Didactic Labs, S.L. will make their best to keep Users informed, circumstances permitting.

The way users manage the services and/or data and/or information provided to or by them through the present website will be done at their own risk, with full indemnity for Didactic Labs S.L.

The company reserves the right to deny access, or even to remove access to Users that don’t comply with the established conditions or don’t respect the terms of use of the site, or use it contravening the current legislation. In such cases, Users will not have the right to claim any compensation whatsoever.

Available licences

Currently, Users can try Additio App for a period of 30 days, which can be extended in exceptional situations. During this period, or once it is over, Users can subscribe to the service and will be able to use if for a year. They will be able to use the web version, as well as a version for up to 3 mobile devices.

The licence costs 7,99 € per year (taxes included) and is not renewed automatically. When the licence’s term of validity comes to an end, Users will receive a notice informing about the need to renew the service if they want to enjoy the application for another year.

All Additio App’s Users will be able to store up to 1GB of data and will also have the possibility to buy extra gigabytes at the set price for each plan. Data management and storage costs are proportionate to how Users use their space, and we wish to simplify procedures; therefore, the renewal of storage plans will be made automatically.

Payment options
Payment through the web version
Once in the web version, you can pay this service with a credit card. To make purchases from multiple countries easier, we use the platforms Stripe and Paypal to process the payments. You can read about their respective Terms and Conditions and get more information in the following links: Stripe / Paypal.

Payment through the apps
Through the apps, Users will be able to make the payment with their Google Play or App Store account. In this case, the payment is processed by Google and Apple, respectively, and they will be in charge of the payment procedure through the agreed means.

The prices could be subject to adjustments that compensate for the possible changes in the application or the market, or could be temporarily replaced by new prices, special prices or promotional prices. The values are set in the local currency, the euro, and the price for other countries will be calculated according to the currency exchange rates in each of them.

The annual licence and the storage space extension are non-refundable. For any incidents or doubts related to the licences and the payments, Users can contact Didactic Labs, S.L. by writing an email to info@additioapp.com.

writing an email to info@additioapp.com. If Users upgrade and buy more storage space, the proportional share of the time left to finish the old plan will be refunded, whereas the proportional share of the new plan will be charged. If Users downgrade to a plan with less storage space, no refund will be made, but when he renews the subscription he will pay the corresponding amount for the new plan. The renewal date will not be modified under any circumstances.

Contracting through educational institutions
Educational institutions also can use the services offered by Additio App and sign up all their teaching staff as Users of the application. This means they can purchase as many licences as there are teachers that need to sign up for the service.

In this case, the educational institution will contract the service to Didactic Labs, S.L., who will bill it directly to the school, applying the explicitly agreed prices between the parties. Didactic Labs, S.L. will create an invoice for all the teachers’ licences the school has subscribed to, which shall be paid by transfer to the bank account the Company may provide for this purpose.

The teachers the educational institution has signed up into Additio App will be able to access the application with the licence provided by the school.

The educational institutions are under an obligation to obtain the legally required consent, in accordance with the data protection legislation in force in the area in which they are based, in order to process personal data of their teachers and of third parties in Additio App. The school will be liable for the processing of the aforementioned data, and Didactic Labs, S.L. will be in charge of the actual processing, in compliance with the terms established in the item number 12 of its privacy policy. The educational institution exempts DIDACTIC LABS, S.L. from any liability which may arise from the processing of third parties’ personal data without their consent, or without the consent of their legal guardians in the case of under-aged children, made by teachers that have been given an Additio App licence by the educational institution they belong to.

The educational institution is under an obligation to dutifully inform its teaching staff, students and their legal guardians about the use of Additio App, as well as the privacy policy of the application.

Under no circumstances will Didactic Labs, S.L. transfer, sell or rent the Users’ personal data to third parties for marketing purposes. We will on use this information as it is described in our privacy policy.

Registration and security

If Users have created an account in Additio App, the privacy and security of their data are protected by their password. Users must help protect the platform against unwanted accesses by choosing a complex password, making sure to log out correctly once they finish their session, and keeping an eye on the people who access their computer and browser after they have logged out or accessed their account.

Didactic Labs, S.L. strives to ensure that User accounts are kept private, implementing legally established security measures and any other measures that can be useful to protect your account, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee complete security. Not authorized accesses, hardware or software failures and other factors may compromise the security of any IT system, and Additio App is not an exception. For more information on the security measures put in place, you can contact the Company at info@additioapp.com.

Whenever information is entered in the web version after the application’s login page, data transmissions are encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. The green lock and the https URL format are proof of it. Communications between the apps and the server are also carried out in an encrypted form.

Daily backups of all the data stored in our servers are made and transferred automatically to other servers to ensure that under no circumstances shall a complete data loss take place. All Didactic Labs, S.L. servers are located in the European Union.

Even though the Company does make backups, it is the Users’ responsibility to export data or to have parallel alternative systems, in order to have an even better reassurance that no data loss will occur.

Data removal

When Users unsubscribe or decide not to renew their licence, for their convenience and security, their data will be stored in Didactic Labs, S.L. database during six months in case they wish to subscribe again. However, Users can also request at any time the removal of their account’s data by contacting us at info@additioapp.com.

Support service

Didactic Labs, S.L. offers a support service to users through:

1. Its website www.additioapp.com:

a) Tutorials found in the section “Help”

b) Email address: info@additioapp.com and in the “Contact” website section

c) Forum: section where users make inquiries that are visible for everyone

2. Phone number: 972 39 32 40, from 9:00 to 14:00, and from 15:00 to 18:00 (Spain’s timezone)
Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
The present Terms and Conditions will be interpreted and will be subject to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction; more specifically, to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Girona (Catalonia), all parties expressly waiving to any other jurisdictions.