This month we are organizing several online formation sessions to help you solving your doubts and know the main features of Additio App.

Below is a brief description of the aspects that we will deal and the dates and links to sign up:

KNOWN ADDITIO APP: In this session we will present all the main features of Additio App and how they can help teachers in the daily management of their classes. Suitable for teachers and ICT managers who want to get an overview of all possibilities offered by the app. After the session, we will resolve any doubts you may have.

 o Tuesday 15 March, 13h. Sign up here.

 o Tuesday 22 March, 18h30. Sign up here.

FIRST STEPS: In this session, more practical, basic operation will be explained to start using Additio App (creating groups, configurations, introduction of notes, calculated formulas …). After the session, we will resolve any doubts you may have.

o Thursday March 17, 18: 30h. Sign up here.

RESOLVING DOUBTS: Fully participatory, users can ask questions of any kind to be resolved at the time.

o Wednesday March 23, 18: 30h. Sign up here.

If you can not attend do not worry, we plan to organize other formative and more thematic sessions. Also once finalized, you can see them anytime in our Youtube channel.

Hope to see you all! 😉