Additio App for Schools

Additio App for Schools

Classroom management system and communication platform for schools.

Panel de administración

What is Additio for Schools?

The plan for school centers that allows you to plan classes better, work collaboratively and foster students’ learning while getting families involved in the process.

  • Collaborative work environment between teachers, students and admin
  • Digital gradebook
  • Powerful rubrics tool
  • Evaluation by standards and skills
  • Communication with students and their families
  • Lesson planner
  • Report card and customized reports
  • Flexible, allowing multiple set-ups
  • Available on computers, iPad, iPhone,
    Android and Chromebooks
  • Tracking of attendance, calendar and timetable
  • Works offline
  • Creation of portfolios

Trusted by education institutions worldwide

Advantages for your school

Colaboración entre profesores y administradores

For administrators

Manage your school in a centralized way. Specific functionalities for headmasters, tutors and head of studies, such as creation of customized reports or management of resources.

Colaboración entre profesores y administradores

For teachers

From planning to assessing grades, Additio centralizes all your daily management in a simple and practical way. Teachers use the tool 27 days a month on average, which makes it essential.

Panel de administración

For students and their families

Give voice to your students and share unique moments with their parents. Get rid of unread messages in favor to private and real time communication. Involve families into the learning process.

We help you take the first steps

Panel de administración

If your school needs a little boost during the set-up so that teachers and administrative staff learn to make the most of the platform quickly, you can purchase a training package to help you meet your needs and objectives.


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What kind of schools can use Additio App?

National and foreign education centers

Language schools and Universities

Intermediate and advanced vocational training and educational cycles schools