Additio for Schools

Additio for Schools

Academic system and commmunication with families and students platform.

K-12 education technology platform fueling better classroom management, student growth, and family engagement.

The flexible school platform for all types of educational projects

Trusted by education institutions worldwide

Advantages for your school

Colaboración entre profesores y administradores

For administrators

Manage your school in a centralized way. Specific functionalities for headmasters, tutors and head of studies, such as creation of customized reports or management of resources.

Colaboración entre profesores y administradores

For teachers

From planning to assessing grades, Additio centralizes all your daily management in a simple and practical way. Teachers use the tool 27 days a month on average, which makes it essential.

Panel de administración

For students and their families

Give voice to your students and share unique moments with their parents. Get rid of unread messages in favor to private and real time communication. Involve families into the learning process.

Manage your distance learning and empower face-to-face classes

The virtual environment makes learning take place inside and outside the classroom. Send documents and resources and submit assignments. Students can create their portfolio and teachers collect evidence of learning such as rubrics, presentations and documents.
Distance learning platform
Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate

Radar graph by standards

Visualize strengths and weaknesses of your students through standards and competence radar graph. Compare student performance compared to the rest of the class average helping you in the decision making and preparation of your activities.

Multiple school and district reports

Reports cards, attendance and standards and competencies reports. Generate powerful reports by adding data from different teachers allowing you to see the progress and maximize the development of your students and groups from a holistic view.
Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate
Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate

Our integrations and partners

Google for Education Technology Partner thanks to the powerful integration with GSuite and Google Classroom. Microsoft for Education Partner, maximizes the potential of the Microsoft environment with integration with OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Cover all areas of your learning center with the integration with the ecosystem of the platform SM Educamos and Edelvives content.

Accounts and access for families and students

From the visualization of the gradebook and the lack of attendance, to the reception of messages, resources and important announcements, families and students are informed of the learning process and about the news and incidents of the school.
Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate
Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate

Everything you can imagine with rubrics

Put students at the center of learning by doing self and peer assessment with rubrics. With Edrubrics, the free rubric library you will start assessing with rubrics in seconds.


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