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Formative assessment Lesson planning Attendance Administrative management Communication with families Rubrics Skills and standards Report cards Integration with LMS Tutoring Payments Expenses and bills HR and much more!

Easy implementation within hours

Additio is easy to implement thanks to its intuitive interface and the help of our
extraordinary support team. Once underway, teachers will feel comfortable with the
classroom application, families with communications and administrators with the
management panel

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The ideal solution for your school

The best formative assessment and classroom management
Student learning and growth is the goal principal of the schools. Additio offers the best tools of formative assessment and learning. With rubrics, quizzes, radar graphs and learning reports.

Communication with families
Communicate with families from a powerful mobile application and also through the web. Families can receive circulars and reports but also be connected to the academic progress and attendance of their children

An integrated and integrable system
Additio is fully integrated with educational tools such as Google, Microsoft and Moodle. It is also Amazon partner and works with the best publishers. It has an API to develop integrations

Report cards, reports and learning analytics
Visualize in detail how it is being taught in the school center and also how each student is learning individually.
Send reports to families easily and securely

Attendance and tutoring 
Manage the attendance of the school center and track behavior, incidents, registration of tutorials and meetings with the families

Lesson planner
Establishes a pedagogical line for the programming of lessons and that all teachers schedule their lesson plans aligning them with the evaluation criteria, content and standards

Schools that trust us

Schools, colleges and universities around the world choose Additio

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We are partners of the best, in order to give the best service. We take care of any issue related to privacy in detail

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