IneveryCrea, the educational portal where to find and share specific resources for teachers, together with Additio App, will release the next November proyectoCrea’s contest about Additio App.


This is a great opportunity to discover Additio App, the application to manage grades and attendance of your students with a powerful scheduler classes and more than 150 specific features for teachers and evaluation by headings or creating reports, for those who don’t know the tool.

For those who already know Additio App, it is a great opportunity for drilling down in its use and discover all the features, and … those teachers who participate will be eligible for the following prizes:

Ranked 1st – 120 Amazon gift voucher € + annual 3 licenses Additio App.

Ranked 2nd – Amazon gift voucher or Apple or Android from 50 € (a choice between one of the three vouchers) + 2 Additio App anual licenses.

3rd, 4th and 5th Ranked – 1 annual license of Additio App.

The criteria to be assessed are as follows:

  • Using the maximum number of features that can be used in Additio App.
  • Pedagogical purpose.


All those teachers in ProyectoCrea: App Additio who successfully complete the project will receive:

  • Certificate of participation by Santillana.
    Badge: pedagogical tester Medal.

Find out everything you need to participate in IneveryCrea’s contest with prizes for the five best here.