Hello Additio community  :D, we are excited to share with you the new functionalities and improvements that we have deployed based on your priceless suggestions. We want to help you and continue by your side during this new school year so that you can generate the greatest impact on your students and the relationship with their families.

What’s new on the platform?

Magic Box:  

Ideal for teachers who work for projects (project based learning), cooperative work or evaluate group work. In the upper part of the group screen you will see an icon that if you click on it you will be able to asess a group of students at the same time, in this way you will not have to put the grade to each student, but you will be able to select several students and assign a common grade.

In addition to the grade, you can also add an icon, comments and resources at the same time, which by dragging the mark are also copied to all the selected students. Read tutorial here.

Assess and track attendance from the seating planner:

From the seating plan you can also track the attendance and assess your students. Once inside, you will see that the option to select columns appears at the bottom of the window. From here, you can select the tab and column you want to use to asess or track attendance.

Once selected the tab will appear all the columns that you have created, click on the one you want to use and you will see that you will see some circles on the students’ photos so you can see or put the appropriate note, so that you will have an overview of all the students.

This functionality will facilitate the management of the classes, at the same time as it helps the assessment process of activities carried out within the class. Read tutorial here.

Core competencies report:

From the centers platform you can create core competencies reports, so you can get a report with the average of each of the transversal competences worked by each of the students’ teachers.

From a base group you can create and configure the student competency reports by clicking on the Actions button and selecting the Reports> Report by competencies/standards option.

The aim of this report is to be able to justify the best way out of which the grade  of the competences comes out in a professional and personalized report. Read the full tutorial here.

Linking planning with assessment::

From planning you can link the activities you work in each session with the evaluations made from the gradebook. You can do it both from the general planning and in the planning of the group.

To be able to add activities linked to an assessment, you just have to click on Add activities in the Activities section of the planning. You will see that you can create different activities in the planning, both assessable and non-assessable, in this way you will have an overview of the activities that have to be carried out in each of the sessions. Read tutorial here.

New app for iPhone:

We have developed a specific native app for Apple lovers so you can use Additio App on ALL your devices. Web-app for computers / laptops, specific app for Chromebooks, iPad and Android tablets, Android smartphones / mobiles and now also iPhone smartphones!

What’s improved?

Simplification of group creation:

Now it’s easier to create new groups, import the list of Google Classroom students and base groups created by the school administrator.

Reorganization of the side menu and simplification of the creation of new columns:

For better organization and access to the functionalities of the right lateral menu, two levels of access have been categorized and created. At the same time, when a new column is created in the gradebook the process is simpler to reduce the time of creation of new activities.

As you know, your suggestions are essential so that we can evolve the product for your daily use, any suggestion you can add it or vote it in our portal Suggest.

On behalf of all of us, thank you for making Additio App part of your educational community this year.