In this new version we have added the following features available for the Apps and the Web version:

New mark type: Attendance count.

By modifying the values of the mark types, now you have the option of overwriting the previous values assigned to the students.

It’s allowed to delete rows and columns of those items which have not been used.

Icon is displayed next to the photo of the students on the day of their birthday.

Students photos can be seen bigger .

You can check the planification of the classes at the views Today and Weekly Calendar.


In addition, there have been the following exclusive enhancements to the Web version:

It’s already available to export the planification in PDF format

Using keyboard symbols in the generator of formulas

To import rubrics from an Excel file by copying and pasting.

To print and generate PDFs of the rubrics.

Export to Excel the planification.

Also it has been fixed some cases imported from official platforms

NOTE: The explanation of this post will be expanded in the future.