Hello teacher, in this post we will look at summarizing the main innovations that we have released in the latest updates in both Additio App and Edvoice, these are not few! ­čÖé

List of new features and options:

  • Integration with┬áEdvoice, communication application parents, students and school (teachers can send grades, mesages, notifications and attendance).

After the good reception we are having  Edvoice, as a communication application between families and students and the school, has been fully integrated with Additio App, being able to send notes and assistance automatically from one platform to another.

In the same way as to send messages, you can also send the grades to the whole group or individually to a student and their parents.

Find out how to do it in the following tutorial: https://additioapp.zendesk.com/hc/es/sections/115001169189-Edvoice-para-el-profesor

  • Users can┬áfilter competencies/skills when assigned to standards.
  • New option: Import students’ grades from Excel: for all those teachers who use tools and applications like Kahoot !, Fluency Tutor or Edpuzzle, once they export to Excel, they can export numeric and text grades/notes directly in Additio App from any Excel file.

  • Added search engine in the types of notes and rubrics types.
  • Added filtering option for shared data listings.
  • New icons are added, ideal for use in kindergartens.
  • E-mails sent to the student are unified for co-evaluation. Now you will send only one email with all the links of the rubrics of your peers (Web version only).
  • A new option has been added in the list of students to generate a PDF with all the rubrics that the student has in the selected tab (Web version only).

About suggestions and ideas for new features:

We have recently published this portal “Suggest” where to gather all the suggestions and ideas that we receive every day of the users by votes.

You can add yours in http://suggest.additioapp.com/

We will be very grateful that you help us to improve the app by getting us your proposals and voting the ones that other colleagues through the portal ­čÖé