Summer is coming to an end and teachers and students soon will begin with their routine. Many of you have already started classes; others will do within a few days.

We will offer you some tips in order to make Back-to-School easier:

1. Manage stress: Obviously, there is no magic formula to remove the stress. Teaching is a sensitive profession that tends to experience this type of changes, especially after long summer recess.

2. Goodbye to the postvacacional syndrome: The unpleasant sensation of ending holidays, affects to all sectors and professions. It is normal to feel some blockage or demotivation for the job. The best way to combat it is to place more emphasis on the aspects that you like of your job. Another recommended option is to think and plan for the upcoming holidays, bank holidays also help.

3. Motivate your students: Students have also completed the holidays, so that the work of teachers in the first days of class will consist to create a positive environment. The aim is to provide students the adaptation process, which must be gradual.

4. Get organized: Planning is essential to start the course feeling confident, factor that also influences to eliminate stress and holiday syndrome. If during the previous year you used Additio App, we recommend you follow the instructions in this tutorial. If this is your first year with Additio App, we recommend the tutorials of our Help section becomes them will help to resolve many doubts.

We know that you are looking forward to the new version 2.0 and Additio Cloud. Well, 2.0 version for Android and iOs is now available and the Cloud one will be available the first week of September. We’re sure the wait will be worth. Soon we will give more information about both versions.

We wish to take the opportunity to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.

Have a nice school year!

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