The new update 3.4 comes loaded with novelties for both individual users and centers. In addition to the options already available offered Additio App, there have been other usability improvements and process optimization, and minor bug fixes you have been reporting:

-New Collaborate license for schools and districts. We are very happy to start introducing this new plan. Collaborate is a huge jump for schools using Additio App. In it, you can share groups, rubrics, timetable and holiday periods between teachers from the same school. Furthermore, school leaders and principals can have access to a school dashboard. Discover more on Collaborate page or YouTube video.

Do not hesitate to ask a demo if your school is interested.

-Groups to show on timetable and calendar. With this option you can select the groups that you want to display on your timetable and calendar, so if you have shared groups from other teachers for example, you can decide whether you want these appear or not. 

-Hide past vacations. Since the option set vacation days you can choose if you want hide or show the previous and finished holidays. This will only be present in the holidays list to come.

-Massive students edition. We know that enter or edit the list of students can be a very heavy task, for this reason,now from the groups you can bulk edit the student information, so will not have to access each student record to modify data or, for example, apply a subset the entire class. 

-Export rubrics created. One of the suggestions we have received several times is the possibility of exporting the rubrics without the need to be filled by the students evaluation , and … now you can do it at last! You can export the rubrics to show to your students, both the original and the completed rubric to assess your students. Here you’ll see how.