The community of teachers and school centers of Additio App in Mexico continues to grow continuously, the almost daily requests that require a visit in the Latin American country are a frequent request in the emails that Additio App receive in support, so we decided to tour Mexico for this coming month of April and May to present our classroom management and communication platform with families and students.

Events and workshops at Google Mexico offices, at CDMX

The different events and workshops will be co-organized with the country’s partners, as well as the Google for Education team in Mexico. The rooms that will host the event are the Gonzalez Macarena and Zócalo rooms, where real-life workshops will be held on how Additio App manages the daily tasks of the teachers and their collaborative plan that allows administrators and teachers to take full advantage of the functionalities of planning and evaluation, taking as one of the highlights the evaluation by rubrics and the adaptation to standards and skills or report cards at center level.

In addition, emphasis will be placed on the complete integration with GSuite and Google Classroom, made palpable by considering Google for Education, one of the best school systems worldwideAs well, as Microsoft integration.

They are workshops open to all types of schools and universities regardless of the technology they are using or not in their classrooms.

Route through different schools and universities

During the different days that we will be physically in the country, we will take advantage to visit different school centers that are already fully operational with Additio App, as a classroom management platform, and, Edvoice, as a communication application with families and students. In the tour training will be carried out with the support of local partners, who provide accompaniment and lead implantations in all types of school centers.

Do you want us to visit your school or university?
Universidad UNAM

Real cases of how Edvoice supposes a total transformation in the communication with families and students

Send messages in a massive and personalized way privately and in real time, with the anonymity of personal telephone numbers and the ability to send grades, absences, as well as images, documents and confirmation of attendance at events or meetings easily and simply in seconds with Edvoice.