The new Additio App 3.0 update is here! Today we introduce all the new amazing features, such as an impressive complete planner, the opportunity to help other teachers by sharing your structures, the ability to reduce memory may file groups in Cloud … this and much more in Addtio App 3.0!

– New planner

The new planner will replace the old classroom planner, it allows you to create schedules and track and even modify lessons depending on the evolution of your everyday life.

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– Share and import structures

With the new version 3.0 users can share their structures and other groups including their groups with the use of a code.


– Improved performance

One of the improvements that our development team have spent more time in this new version is to improve the speed with which groups open version. When the groups were very heavy with a considerable amount of formulas and had lots of columns some groups took several seconds at the latest. This time has been reduced very significantly improving all the calculation algorithm.

– Import Excel students and official platforms

This new update offers two options to import more students: from facial recognition or from the official platforms of the autonomous regions of Spain. This feature is only available to the web version because it is where we believe it is more practical to create and configure groups, given the ease of synchronization. Improvements to import photos of students with facial recognition tool also incorporated.

– Archive groups in the cloud

Archiving groups in the Cloud, you will be able to reduce space occupied by groups that you no longer use. Using this option improves very significantly the application performance.


– Random Student: full cycle

With this option all students will be selected randomly repeated once before. You can also restart the cycle as many times as you want.

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– Create templates annotations

Annotations allow you to write your meetings, group events, interviews or whatever you want. Now you can create templates and customize annotations with tags.

– Other improvements and minor bug fixes

In addition to these main features those usability improvements are included too, process optimization and correction of minor bugs that you have been reporting are also included in this new release.
Besides all these improvements we are finalizing a new minor update for the next few days which will also include more features (new types of calculation, enlarge the photos of the students, student-specific formulas, etc …). So that, stay tuned! 馃檪


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