Next Saturdays 4th and 11th of March a training course will be held in Terrassa with the following title: The tablets – a tool for the teacher, where will participate Albert Tena, one of our certified educators as Additio Certified Teacher.

This course will provide tools to take advantage of mobile devices, especially tablets, for the personal, organizational and evaluation of teachers and educators.

In the same course, different methods of evaluation will also be considered: numerical grades, calculations, observations, evaluations with rubrics …, where the main functionalities and advantages of Additio App will be presented to facilitate the task of the professional of the education.

In this link of the web of the FOCC you will find all the information about the course:

This is one of the many trainings that are being carried out in Spain by Additio Certified Teachers. You can contact with more certifieds by means of the form of its profile in the directory of ACTs.

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