One of the most requested suggestions was the availability of Additio App for Chromebook and we are very pleased to inform you that you can now download Additio App from the Chrome Web Store! (URL available only on Chromebook)

Here are some benefits of using apps in the Chrome Store:

– Applications are installed quickly
– They are always updated, because they are hosted on the Web.
– It can be searched and opened easily through the Application Selector.
– Faster access

To do so, you only have to access the Chrome Web Store, mark in the Applications filter and search Additio App or by teacher gradebook.

Screenshot 1 EN

Once you find it, click the Add to Chrome option so that you can now work with Additio App with a single click.

Screenshot 2 EN

Once installed, you only have to open the application menu and click on the Additio App icon to start working with the web version of our application.

Screenshot 3 EN