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From Engrade Pro to Additio

Looking for a McGraw-Hill Engrade replacement? Explore for free our standards-based gradebook with rubrics, lesson planner and fully integrated with Google and Microsoft.

Productivity suite for teachers and admins

Colaboración entre profesores y administradores

Additio App helps simplify classroom management, lesson planning and collaboration between colleagues during planning and assessing.

From $2.5 student per year

Features for students and families

Panel de administración

Some gradebook features are report cards, transcripts, attendance, skills and standards performance, self and peer assessment by rubrics, categories, timetable, calendar, lesson planning and much more.

Communication platform for students and families. Send messages, view grades, attendance and behaviour notifications.

Formative assessment platform for schools and teachers like you

Super easy to use

Additio App is simple and intuitive, so you save time with a great user experience.

Powerful features

Enjoy more than 150 functionalities conceived and designed to make life easier for teachers, families and students.

Access from anywhere

Available on tablets, smartphones and computers. Work without an Internet connection from mobile devices.


Good collaboration requires great communication

Communicate effectively with parents and students instantly in real time

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Additio App practices fully support the requirements of FERPA and LOPD. We will never sell your information to anyone.

We thouroughly follow secure coding practices for applications and perform regular code check-ups. We also carry out tests by independent researchers.

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We work hard to make our products intuitive. But if you have any questions or need assistance setting up, we are here to help.

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