Every day more families, students and teachers are connected thanks to Edvoice creating a great school community. The suggestions of the whole community have allowed Edvoice to evolve with the incredible new features focused on the following areas:

  • Facilitate the introduction and reuse of codes
  • Give visibility and interaction to the learning process
  • Make institutional communication easier, faster, more intuitive and private

Now students and families have access accounts and we will continue to provide more visibility and interaction in their applications, Edvoice goes much further than just communication.

Great news! We present the student’s gradebook:

Visibility of the gradebook for students and families with standards and skills. Both students and families will be able to follow the learning process in real time as their assessment, standards and teacher feedback evolve.

Teachers can decide which columns of their gradebook to show so that families and students can view and keep track of all the activities evaluated and the feedback provided.

Global Attendance follow-up:

Visibility of attendance for families and students in a unified table format. At the same time each profile has a color and icons making everything more recognizable.

This facilitates cases in which you do not want to send too many notifications and the family can access to see the status of assistance whenever they want.

Self and peer assessment via Edvoice:

Each activity that you assess using rubrics, you can send the rubrics to perform self or peer assessment directly from the Edvoice mobile application.

Previously, self or peer assessment could be done by email, now also through Edvoice, these rubrics are stored in documents and can create a next-generation portfolio.

Reuse of activation codes

A very recurring demand. Those educational centers that already work with Edvoice will not need to send the access codes again, directly the administrator when creating the new base groups will be able to automatically keep the same codes, and either families or students, the new groups will be activated automatically .

Magic link

Now the school and learning centers that start using Edvoice have it much easier! When you automatically send the codes by email to families and students, they receive a message in their email, which just by clicking and saves the code to enter directly to Edvoice. Activate all families in seconds!

Read Confirmation

Check at all times who has read the group messages and in the chat. Easily hold your finger on the message and click on “information”; You can see who has read and to whom the message has been sent.

User Experience Improvements

Aesthetics is one of the points that has been improved in the new version, specific colors have been designed for each user profile and improves the interface of stories and chats.

Group Administrator Highlight

In group chats you can easily see who the administrator is.

10% increase in charging time

There are improvements that are not seen but are very important. We have worked to improve the loading time by starting the application by 10% and also in other sections.

There have been notable improvements in response times especially in users of Android devices, for example when scrolling (scroll the page up or down).

Direct sending from Edvoice professor of messages to the selected profiles

Teachers can choose directly and immediately to which sections of the class they want to send the text or image message from the Edvoice teacher application; defining which profile you want to send; only to students, only to families or both at the same time.

Parent Identification

The teacher will be able to visualize next to the name of the student the name of his father / mother.

Voice notes (coming soon!)

You can send voice messages to your students or families with feedback on the activities or to explain how to perform an exercise or project.


We thank all the users, families, students and schools that have helped us improve Edvoice with their suggestions and proposals for improvement 🙂

We love receiving your emails and messages about how it is helping you and how your communication has improved and strengthened your educational projects.