Customer Success Stories: CEIP Palmerar

Customer Success Stories: CEIP Palmerar

School center background

Primary School College Palmerar (public center)

  • Location: Benicàssim (Castelló).
  • 460 students and 31 teachers.
  • The school center has a computer room, wi-fi, digital whiteboard in every classroom, netbooks in class and this spring, we introduced digital tablets in 5th and 6th grade.
  • Eachers are beginning to use the tablet as support for their teaching.

What needs of improvement were marked for your school center?

Before using Additio App, registration data of students in all learning processes it was made on paper notebooks. By starting use of digital tablets on the need to reduce teachers ‘objects’ of everyday use, we thinked over simplify and unify the basic tools for teachers. The long-term goal is to use the tablet in the most common facets of everyday life, moving the register on paper or on a computer (spreadsheet, word processor) to a single agile and quick device to use.

Why did you choose Additio App?

Additio App was chosen for its simple interface, the ability to be used in multiple platforms (Android, iOS, web browser) and the quality of their tutorials.
CEIP Palmerar

How do you use Additio App daily?

Although it varies slightly between each teacher, we usually use it to register behaviors, job deliveries and add notes. At this end of the course we have started to use the function rubrics.
CEIP Palmerar
CEIP Palmerar
CEIP Palmerar

It was necessary any training session?

We conducted the training in the center itself. One of the teachers with more experience and knowledge in the app, gave us an initial training. After we have combined self-education with consultations between us to solve questions. For the next year, we have meditated to create a seminar with a meeting every few weeks to share our experience with tablets and, among other applications, as Additio App

How do you rate the support received during the implementation process of Additio App?

On several occasions we have contacted Additio App staff to resolve any issues as buying licenses, clarify concepts on the protection of the input data and suggest improvements or adaptations to our needs. The treatment has been pleasing, the answers have always been fast and clear, and we have seen willingness to all the requests we have made.

Results achieved

Additio App has allowed us to make registers very quickly, without timeout in regard to a computer. It has also allowed us to make more annotations, clearer and faster.

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