BCN EdTech is a meeting large scale aimed at teachers with the aim of promoting new technologies for educational use collaboratively, sharing innovative experiences in the classroom for all educational levels.

The event is open to all teachers from all kind of school, whether public, private or charter schools.

Teachers like you will conduct workshops Additio App, EdPuzzle, Symbaloo and TextHelp, four tools used by more than 30 millions of teachers and students. Discover in a practical way and demonstrations by teachers and use the tools in the classroom.

During the event, we invite educators to explore Toolbox, a platform from mSchools apps and educational experiences and discover how other teachers already are using our apps.


Information about the Workshops

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Workshop – Additio App, digital teacher’s gradebook

All-in-one app for teachers. Additio App helps teachers focus on what they do best—teach, engage and motivate students to learn. During the workshop teachers will learn:

  • Getting Started with the digital gradebook:
  • Plan and manage their classes
  • Coevaluation and autoevalution with rubrics

Educator teaching the workshop: Albert Falgueras (Additio Certified Teacher)

Math teacher with teaching experience for many years imparting formative cycles. Mechanical and Industrial Engineer with broad overview on the various fields of technology and science, which he applies daily in the classroom.

Workshop – Read & Write for Google Chrome and FluencyTutor of Texthelp; new horizons for the acquisition and mastery of language and reading comprehension

From reading shared reading comprehension to discover plenty of tools to help teachers and students resources to encourage all areas that makethe linguistic competence; from understanding and expression in aspects as the inclusion or attention to diversity in the classroom.

Educators teaching during the workshop: Montse Jimenez and Pere Viñas

Montse Jimenez. Secondary teacher at Vedruna Ripoll. Innovation team member Vedruna TAC of Catalonia Education. Moulder. Interested in new pedagogical models and using technology as means to drive change.

Pere Viñas: elementary teacher and head of studies at Vedruna Ripoll. Psychopedagogue. Trainer. TAC coordinator center. Impeller networking collaborative projects.

Workshop – Flipped Classroom with EDpuzzle

+ 80% of students use YouTube to seek help with their homework. Flights connect with the “YouTube generation”. EDpuzzle is what you were looking for. It will change your life. With a few clicks you can convert any video into an educational lesson. Add questions during the video and share it with your students. They can learn through video at your own pace as many times as you want and you get all the information you need: who’s watching video and who needs help. In 50 minutes you understand the simplicity of a product that is revolutionizing +10 million users worldwide!

Educator teaching during the workshop: Oscar de Paula.

Elementary school teacher and coordinator TAC in FEDAC-Montcada. Punctually collaborates with Spanish Flipped Classroom organization and is one of the first certified “Edpuzzle pioneer” in Europe.

Workshop – Symbaloo, healing and liquideducation

From the sample of concrete examples in the educational use of Symbaloo tool learn how, in a society with too much information as we have today, it’s very important the healing of educational content to monetize better our educational practices, and also collaterally students.

And besides, where everything evolves and changes so fast almost can speak of a liquid education. This will help to reflect on our educational practices and how we can help improve the learning of our students.

Educator teaching during the workshop: Manel Trenchs

Professor of Art History at Santa Anna Pia School of Mataró. Member of “Flipped Learning Network” and “Remind Teacher Advisory Board”. Plickers, Quizlet & Symbaloo ambassador. Member editor of “The Flipped Classroom” web. Speaker to FlipCon2015 (Michigan, USA), European FlipCon2016 (Zaragoza), SIMO Education 2016 (Madrid), Bett Show 2017 (London) … Interested to rethink new ways of learning, using ICT and all aspects education used to help improve the education of students of the XXI century.




Limited to the first 140 teachers to confirm their attendance to the event.