Attendance and behaviour


Record the attendance and behaviour of your classes

Reduce absenteeism at your school and generate powerful reports

Attendance registration and configuration

You can register attendance from a computer or apps for tablets and smartphones that do not need an internet connection.

You can expand or modify the types of attendance that comes by default so that it adapts perfectly to the casuistry of your classes and school center.

Student attendance application
Attendance and behaviour management for schools

Attendance report

Generate consolidated attendance reports at the school, group or specific student level.

Analyze and graphically show the evolution and reduce absenteeism. Using statistics and graphics you can extract all the information you need.

Justify absences

Send attendance notifications to family accounts instantly.

Justify faults from a centralized panel and write down the appropriate comments.

Whether it is the teachers, secretariat or tutors who are responsible for monitoring attendance, the system adapts so that you can make the records very easily.

Attendance management platform
Attendance an behaviour software

Registration and compensation of incidents

The platform allows you to customize incidents and record the teacher, time, class among many other things to be able to generate powerful incident and behavior reports.

Compensate for incidents and count them with specific functions to save time.

Register the list of students from the seating plan

View all students from a classroom plan.

From the class plan you can also pass the attendance and evaluate the students.

Student attendance software for teachers