For the first time in Barcelona, ​​the renowned educator and EdTech Blogger Alice Keeler will hold a MasterClass about the 4 Cs in education:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creation

The educational event, aimed at educators who are passionate about innovation and the use of classroom technologies for pedagogical purposes, is co-organized by Additio App in conjunction with TextHelp.

Accompanying Alice Keeler will be present teachers related to the use of technology in the classroom and experts in the tools of Additio App and Texthelp, co-organizers of the event, in a Panel Discussion moderated by Manel Trenchs:

  • Montserrat Jimenez – Head of Innovation at Vedruna Catalunya and English teacher at Vedruna Ripoll.
  • Albert Falgueras – Professor of Mathematics at INS Vicens Vives.
  • Manel Trenchs – Professor of Art History at Escola Pia Mataró.

Teachers will discuss the 4Cs together with Alice Keeler, sharing the methodologies they apply on a daily basis in the classroom with their students. Within the multiple accomplishments and abilities of Alice Keeler, we mention within a huge list the following:

  • Google Certified Innovator
  • Techcnology Trainer
  • Professor at California State University Fresno
  • Founder of EdCamp CV
  • Writer of the books ’50 things to do with Google Classroom ‘and’ Teaching Maths with Google Apps’

Are you going to miss it? Register here:

Basic information of the event:

  • Friday 8th September from 16h-18: 30h, Barcelona
  • Alice Keeler web:

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