We are in front of an exciting new school year, to help you save time and assess, plan and communicate better and more efficiently we have launched a new version. We present the set of the main new of this version:

Apply conditional to competencies and standards:

Conditional text, icons or colors can be applied to the columns of the skills or standards. Being able to create scales from 1 to 4 when you have values from 1 to 10 or 100 or convert numerical values to text or icons.

This also allows the new converted items to be seen in the transversal competencies or standards report..

Great news! Gradebook visible for families and students

We present the student’s gradebook, we firmly believe in putting the student in the center of learning, for this reason, we not only say it but we have created within the accounts for students and families in Edvoice the possibility of seeing those columns that teachers give visibility of the standards-based or traditional gradebook.

Thus, students and families will be able to follow in real time from the Edvoice application the evolution of the learning process, at the level of grades, feedback, rubrics, attendance and skills/standards, beyond the institutional communication itself.

At the same time, as a teacher you can give visibility of the columns of the gradebook in the centers panel for administrators.

How to give visibility of gradebook columns?

Send rubrics for self and peer assessment via Edvoice

We have incorporated the possibility of sending rubrics for self and peer assessment through the Edvoice mobile application. Previously, self and peer assessment could be done by sending the rubric via email. This option adds flexibility within peer assessment options.

Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate


Send feedback comments of the gradebook columns to the student

When evaluating using the multiple assessment items, the possibility of sending the comment as feedback can be added and send to students and families to give the student instructions on how to improve and enhance their learning.


Consolidated school reports of attendance, behaviour and transversal skills/standards

The administrators of a learning center can generate multiple reports. New reports have been created and those that were already available have been improved by unifying all the data of the teachers of the different classes.

School reports tutorials

We are also about to launch the behaviour and follow-up report!


Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate

Performance optimization in the calculation of skills and standards

The calculation of skills, standards or assessment criteria has been greatly optimized for those cases in which the number was very considerable and took time to perform the calculations. Response time has improved in multiple cases more than 30%.

Categories to group columns

The different gradebook columns can be grouped in a category, such as “Activities” or “Duties” or “Attitude”.

Categories written tutorial

These categories can be displayed and grouped as an accordion making the organization of the gradebook very agile.

Radar graph by standards and skills (group and school level)

Automatically, within the tabs of competencies, standards , the “Radar” columns are created, by clicking on it, a competency assessment radar graph (spider graph) is shown where you can see the student’s progress compared to the average of the rest of the the class in a very visual and graphic way.

Written tutorial “Radar charts to analyze skills and standards progress”

These radar graph can also be seen at the learning center level and can combine the evolution of the competences/standards of multiple subjects and classes of different teachers.

Synchronize data changes in base groups to all teacher groups

Integration with SM Educamos platform

Those schools using SM Educamos platform can import groups automatically and import grades to their SIS.

In addition to all these news there are all the news of the whole new version of Edvoice, collected in another post. During the next weeks we will be deploying more functionalities that can continue promoting formative assessment, project-based learning and collaborative work.

Have a great school year start SuperTeachers!