Additio Certified Teachers

Do you want to be an Additio Certified Teacher?

If you love Additio App, enjoy helping and teaching your colleagues how to use it and would like to be more in touch with our product specialists, you now have a great opportunity to do so if you apply to become an Additio Certified Teacher
I want to be an Additio Certified Teacher

What advantages does an Additio Certified Teacher have?

  • Recognition as an advanced user
  • Visibility in the Additio App directory
  • The possibility to give trainings in schools and organise “meetups” with Additio’s backing
  • We will help with the distribution of your courses with mailings and social networks
  • A fantastic Additio Certified Teacher badge in your user account and in your school’s administration panel
  • The chance to take part in giving new ideas and/or suggestions of new features
  • The possibility to offer 3 free months of free licence to the users that attend your courses
  • The ability to use the new versions of the apps before anyone else (beta testers)
  • Shared resources of the global trainers community
  • Special talks

Who is this program intended for?

The certification program is designed for teachers who love Additio App and are experts in its use. Moreover, they are teachers that carry out some of the following tasks in their schools and/or in other educational institutions:
  • They teach other colleagues how to use the app
  • They work together with other teachers to understand the best way to use the application, sharing its tricks and secrets to get the most out of it
  • They are in touch with our team to get and give feedback about the product evolution
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What requirements should a certified teacher meet?

A certified teacher must be able to prove a high knowledge of the application and use the PLUS plan. For this reason, once we receive the certification request a member of our team will take a look at your account to verify that most of the features of the application have been successfully used. We have divided the level of mastery of the application into four different levels with a little exam in the last one. To get the certificate you will have to pass the four levels.

Level 1

  • Create at least 5 groups
  • Record attendance
  • Create the schedule
  • Use the students import tool in the web version
  • Assess at least 20 criteria
  • Use the web version
  • Connect at least one mobile device

Level 2

  • Assess your students’ skills with rubrics
  • Calculate average grades
  • Freely arrange students in the seating plan, view their picture and name and create working groups
  • Plan at least 10 lessons
  • Attach resources (an image + a pdf document)

Level 3

  • Use the web version import tool
  • Collaborate with other teachers sharing a structure
  • Create at least 3 types of personalised marks and use them
  • Connect at least a smartphone and a tablet

Level 4

  • Exam of validation of competences

When can I do the test?

The Additio Certified Teacher exams are done every 3 months. You can apply to take the next exam clicking the button "I want to be an Additio Certified Teacher" - Next exam sending: October's 14th - Exam results and communications: October's 30th  

Apply and obtain your certification

I want to be an Additio Certified Teacher