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Additio Certified Teachers

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If you love Additio, you enjoy teaching how to use it to other teachers in your center or city and you would love to be more in contact with our product team, you are in front of a great opportunity and we would love for you to apply to become an Additio Certified Teacher. Discover the advantages of the Additio certification program, who it is aimed at and resolution of queries.
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Contact through your profile to request training or participation in a conference. ACTs have been recognized by the Additio team after passing an exam, ensuring that they can provide practical training to help your teaching team. Through the directory they can be contacted for training or presentations, which will be disseminated by Additio.

What requirements must a certified teacher meet?

A certified teacher must be able to prove a high knowledge of the application and its functionalities. Level 1 - Show that you have used most of the functionalities For this reason, once the request for certification is received, a member of our team will review your account to see that most of the application's functionalities have been used satisfactorily (teacher's notebook, skills, planner, attendance, rubrics , categories, reports, resources, communication with families / students, schedules, calculation of averages, etc). Level 2 - Exam with a certification test After applying, within the opening period for sending new exams, a multiple choice exam will be sent to obtain the certification. In the exam there will be pedagogical, technological questions about the tool, about licenses and about data privacy.
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When can I take the certification test?

The Additio Certified Teacher exam calls are made every trimester. You can register for the following call through the button: "I want to be Additio Certified Teacher". - Next submission of exams: August 16, 2022 - Correction of the exam and communication to applicants: August 30, 2022