It’s time to update Additio App! Now available in version 1.3 with many improvements and new features. These are the features that brings the new version:

– The weekly schedule has been moved to the main menu and removed from the Calendar.
– Tabs now can be hidden.
– You can use functions in ‘Formulae generator’: ‘Sum’, ‘Average’ and ‘Weighted Average’.
– Groups can now be sorted manually.
– You can put the column titles vertically to compress more the columns.
– You can change the rows height and column headers height.
– You can change the width of the first column (student names).
– At student report, now can be included information about other groups and specify a dates range for the attendance section.
– At settings menu now you can see the versions history of the App and we added a link to rate the app in Google Play,
– You will be notified in the main menu when a new release has been published.
– New language: Portuguese! Thank you so much to a couple of Brazilian teachers who helped us
– Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

iOS version is under review by Apple and will be available in the coming days.

  • Exelentes novedades


    La lista de novedades es fantástica ! En poco tiempo habéis convertido, en mi opinión, AdditioApp en la mejor aplicación que existe en éste ámbito.

    Las novedades serán las mismas para la plataforma IOS ? Ya tengo ganas de que salga en la Appstore 🙂

    Felicidades nuevamente y muchas gracias por el trabajo que realizáis dia a dia el cual nos permite a los docentes un trabajo más ágil en el aula.