Plus and Essential

Plus and Essential

Your digital gradebook and classroom planner for all your devices

Manage your every day as a teacher with a simple and easy-to-use application

Discover the main features and potential

100 million of grades created

3 million of students registered

+ 150 functionalities

+ 25 years in the education industry

Disponible para smartphone, tablets y dispositivos de sobremesa

Work offline optimizing your time anywhere

Available in all the devices you use every day

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Tablet mostrando la aplicación Collaborate


It adds the ability to share groups, grades structure, calendar

Additio App Collaborate integrates all the Additio Plus features. In addition, administrators will enjoy a powerful school management panel.

Additio App practices fully support the requirements of FERPA and LOPD. We will never sell your information to anyone.

We thoroughly follow safe application coding practices and perform regular code checkups. We also carry out tests by independent researchers.

Teachers from thousands of schools around the world trust us