Additio App users trust us with millions of their notes, teachers and students data, and ideas. That trust is based upon us keeping that data both private and secure. The information on this page is intended to provide transparency about how we protect that data. Our team will continue to expand and update this information as we add new security capabilities and make security improvements to our products.

At Additio App, we are committed to using the best technology and providing the highest levels of security. We take your trust very seriously and know how important it is that Additio App be fast, secure, and reliable. We have done the research and are confident that Additio App offers the very best technology and security in the industry.

Everything we do at Additio App follows these three basic rules




Data Security. It means everything to us.

All personal information is stored in servers at Hetzner and Amazon Web Services (AWS), two of the most-trusted, highly secure, cloud-based data storage solutions.

Our website and our apps use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your data with 256 bit encryption and industry standard authentication mechanisms to ensure that your data stays secure during the communications.

Information access

Teacher and student’s Additio App information is only accessible to the teacher/school centers. At the school, the administrator has control over giving access to all the staff members but he can’t access any of their data.

Privacy of information

Additio App takes data security and privacy very seriously.  Our engineers have worked hard to protect your sensible data and encrypt the communications, which helps keep it secure.

We do not sell personal information to any third parties and we will only use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.  Teachers can upload data, and they can access, download, or request that data from us at

Additio App does not rent or sell any information related to students or teachers to third parties for marketing or advertising.

Students may not communicate privately with others. The teacher manages to students and there is no possibility of contact. Data exchange between students or alike.

Daily backups

All the information that’s synched between the apps and the web version is backed every day and is sent to another server to ensure that if something happens to the main servers we are able to restore all the information without any trouble and in minimum time.

Download your data whenever you want

You can export and download all your data from Additio App with a very easy process. In a few easy steps, create an Excel archive to keep for your records or use the data in another service. You can discover more about this  functionality here.

Billing & banking information

Additio App does not store any confidential banking information and has included the highest levels of encryption on bank transfers. For that reason we work with two of the most reputable companies to collect payments: PayPal and Stripe. They take care of charging the payments so we don’t need to store any confidential banking information on our servers. All teachers using Additio App for payment must complete a two step authentication process to verify their accounts.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these or similar topics, please send an email to